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Why Use A PreferredCoin Austin Bitcoin ATM?

PreferredCoin is home to the fast growing, electric city of Austin. We came here with a purpose, and that is to give thousands of residents an easy access to Bitcoin.

Our Austin Bitcoin ATM's are super simple to use, with safe and secure procedures on all transactions. We use efficient technology to detect bad wallets, & stop fraudulent transactions.

Our 24/7 Live Customer Support team is always available to help any customer, no matter how large or small the transaction is. Our team can answer basic questions about transactions, or help you understand blockchain technology / Bitcoin. We take great pride in knowing that our customers always have a team they can rely on.

Our Austin Bitcoin ATM's are conveniently located across the city so that everyone has easy access to them. We also only use two-way machines. If a customer ever needs to sell Bitcoin in a hurry, no matter where they're located in Austin, they can easy find one of our Bitcoin ATM's near them. Our 8 Austin locations are always on, with maintenance technicians readily available to handle any issues that may arise.

Low Fees

PreferredCoin has some of the lowest fees in all of Texas. Our Austin Bitcoin ATM locations allow customers to get more bitcoin out of their transactions than nearly any other provider in the industry. When it comes to selling Bitcoin, we guarantee the lowest fees! If you find another Bitcoin ATM anywhere in Austin, TX that is offering a lower fee to sell bitcoin than us, let us know and we'll beat it + give you a 100% off transaction fee coupon.

We are dedicated to giving the residents of Austin an easy opportunity to buy & sell Bitcoin. Some operators charge hefty fees, but we feel it is only right to limit our fees and give people a better opportunity to become a part of the bitcoin community.

Instant Transactions

Our transactions are instant. As soon as you are done with your transaction, our team immediately will confirm your credentials and send the bitcoin through to the blockchain. If there are any issues with the credentials you provided, our 24/7 Live Customer support team will reach out right away to solve it. On average, we process 90% of our transactions within 1 minute of them being placed. The only time we don't process a transaction within 1 minute, is when we may need additional details to make sure your order is secure and going to the right place!

A lot of operators will send bitcoin prematurely, sometimes resulting in an unsafe transaction, with the worst case scenario leading to a loss of bitcoin. We strive to prevent this as much as possible at all of our Austin Bitcoin ATM's.

Common Questions

How do I use a PreferredCoin Bitcoin ATM?

For detailed instructions on how to use a PreferredCoin Bitcoin ATM, please visit our mainpage at and scroll to the bottom. If you still have any questions, call our 24/7 Live Customer Support Team @ (855) 922-2939

Where are PreferredCoin Bitcoin ATM's located in Austin, TX?

To view all of our locations, please visit

From there you can see a complete list view, or click the link provided to get a map view.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Unlike the US Dollar, there is a fixed supply. Every transaction of Bitcoin is stored on the blockchain, a public ledger that cannot be hacked or changed. Bitcoin is not owned or operated by a centralized power, instead it is operated by a decentralized group of miners. These miners are the people that confirm and validate your transactions on the blockchain, they also mine the remaining bitcoin not in circulation. Anyone can become a miner, there are actually millions of them. For a more detailed explanation, you can visit this website

Why Do People Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be used for a variety of reasons. Some people use bitcoin as a backup to the US Dollar, and keep it for the instance that the US Dollar crashes and becomes invaluable. Other people use Bitcoin as an investment, they believe the value of bitcoin will continue to climb, and they want to be there for the journey. Other people believe that bitcoin will one day become the worlds leading currency, and buy it both as an investment, but also to one day be able to use it for everyday transactions. Thousands of companies are adopting bitcoin, and allowing for it to be used to purchase their goods. More than ever before, you can actually use bitcoin to purchase everyday items and use it as its intended purpose of a currency!

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